Tampere, Finland

Worship Service

We meet to worship God every Sunday, the Lord’s Day, since this is the day of the week that Jesus rose from the grave.


The worship service begins at 11:00, but doors are usually open already from 9:30 for those who prefer to come early and spend time together before the service. The Sunday service usually lasts about one and a half hour.


Our meetings emphasize the clear preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Our typical worship service consists of the following: reading the Bible, praying, singing Christian hymns and Psalms, and hearing a sermon from the Word of God. We also celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion) each month.

Following the worship service we always have a time of fellowship around the coffee table. After the service you can also meet and discuss with the pastor, if you desire to do so.


Children are welcomed in the worship service. There is room available next to the main meeting room, where parents can go with their children if needed (to play quietly, do colouring, nurse infants, etc.).